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Proliferating entertaining media is the kind of thing the internet does better than any other media. Most of the free movie or picture sites generally profit from the huge amounts of traffic that they recieve, so their isn't neccessarily any real drawbacks from these sites.

Here are some questions that we ask free entertainment reviewers to answer :
  • Are these movies, pictures etc unique?
  • Is there anything that sets this site or offer apart from alternatives?
  • Are there any popups, spam or slow page loads?
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FEATURED Entertainment
*Editors Pick* Attractions Ontario
Updated 03-Nov-12
Coupons to attractions throughout Ontario
Goto : Attractions Ontario
*Editors Pick* Classic Movies
Updated 09-Mar-10
Watch classic movies that are now in the Public Domain - free.
Goto : Classic Movies
Editor Opinion of Current Offer

MTV tickets Free MTV studio tickets.
created {ts '2012-04-09 09:13:19'} Promotional Gift/Advertisement Supported Canada

TV studio audience Become part of the studio audience during the recording of TV shows.
created {ts '2012-04-09 08:54:49'} Promotional Gift US

Comedy Free tickets to TV comedy shows
created {ts '2012-04-09 08:48:59'} Promotional Gift/Advertisement Supported UK

SCENE Points Ways to maximize or get free SCENE points for Free Movies.
created {ts '2012-01-06 16:05:45'} Always Free Canada

Free Aeroplan Miles Various ways to obtain free Aeroplan Miles. Updated frequently.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2011-12-17 09:44:29'} Promotional Gift Canada

Evite Free electronic invitations.
created {ts '2011-12-07 08:31:03'} Advertisement Supported Worldwide

Free nature sounds Mix your own nature sounds and save medly
created {ts '2011-12-03 07:28:12'} Freeware/Shareware Worldwide

Five Track Sampler Five track sampler from movie The Social Network.
created {ts '2010-09-28 16:48:54'} Promotional Gift US

Free Puzzles Printable and online puzzles.
created {ts '2010-09-12 20:55:19'} Always Free US

Sue Becker CD The Bread of Idleness CD by Sue Becker
created {ts '2010-08-31 12:33:21'} Promotional Gift US

Straw Hat Pizza Sticker Free Straw Hat Pizza sticker and coupons.
created {ts '2010-08-17 14:23:31'} Promotional Gift US

Free Admission US National Parks Free Admission days at America's National Parks.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2010-08-11 13:53:23'} Promotional Gift US

Live Metallica Downloads Live Metallica songs to download for Free.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2010-03-04 17:57:05'} Always Free Worldwide

Yoga Recess Free yoga DVD.
created {ts '2010-03-03 01:23:16'} Freeware/Shareware US

BlockBuster Free Trial Blockbuster online free 30 day trial.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2010-02-27 01:22:48'} Free Trial/Coupon Code US

Free Music Downloads BMG 4 free music downloads from BMG. US only.
created {ts '2008-11-13 09:42:58'} Promotional Gift US

Vintage Children Records Download full classic children's albums. Mp3 format.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2008-03-04 13:12:35'} Always Free Worldwide

2 Free Movie Rentals Join QuickFlick and get two free movie rentals. Western Canada
created {ts '2008-01-07 16:10:03'} Promotional Gift Canada

Party With a Star Party like a rock star with a celebrity like Tracy Bingham, Chingy, Vanilla Ice or STEV-O.
created {ts '2007-11-22 12:25:40'} Survey Supported US

Celebrate Friends Celebrate, roast or memorialize your friends or events for free.
created {ts '2007-11-14 17:21:28'} Always Free Worldwide

Free DVD Rental Try Zip.CA DVD rentals delivered to your door free for 2 weeks.
created {ts '2007-10-22 13:48:32'} Free Trial Canada

Daily Show You can now watch the Daily Show with John Stewart free online. Every episode archived back to 1999.
created {ts '2007-10-21 05:11:48'} Always Free/Advertisement Supported Worldwide

Hiking Brochures Free Australian hiking vacation and tour brochures.
created {ts '2007-10-16 14:42:01'} Always Free/Advertisement Supported Australia

Free Movies Watch free movies and television shows. Direct streams.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2007-10-02 16:04:36'} Crippleware/Always Free US

BBC OS Sound Files Hilarious BBC sound files for your operating system.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2007-09-12 20:47:00'} Promotional Gift UK

Free Trial DVD Rentals Free 2 week free trial membership with online DVD rentals via mail.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2007-09-07 14:32:33'} Free Trial Canada

Free Poetry Contest poetry contest for $10 000 yearly grand prize.
created {ts '2007-08-27 15:10:39'} Advertisement Supported US

Free MP3 Songs Selection of free dance MP3s for immediate download from Beatport.
created {ts '2007-08-25 06:46:29'} Promotional Gift Worldwide

QuickFlix Free Trial 14 day QuickFlix free trial. Australian dvd rentals by mail.
Editor Opinion of Current Offercreated {ts '2007-08-21 10:43:00'} Free Trial Australia

Free Audio Books Unlimited 2-week free trial of audio library service. Unlimited downloads or recieve best-sellers by mail.
created {ts '2007-08-07 12:33:33'} Free Trial US

Free Satellite TV Free installation, equipment and upgrades.
created {ts '2007-07-22 18:46:05'} Incentives US

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