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Sweepstakes Software

Coupon Code US
category: Free / Coupons
rating: 100 (2 raters)
summary: Sweepstakes Ninja Coupon code. Software that collects and enters contests for you.
created: {ts '2012-02-01 16:06:07'}
expires: {ts '2012-08-10 00:00:00'}
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Sweepstakes Ninja software allows you to enter your contest data once and easily submit to an extensive and frequently updated list of compatible internet sweepstakes. The software seems to be getting great results for the sweepers that have adopted it this far. Sweepstakes Ninja also comes with a 14 day free trial so you get to enter contests for free for a couple of weeks before you purchase it.

We feel that this internet sweepstakes software is another great way to get free things!

14% Off All Sweepstakes Ninja Subscriptions Save 14% off monthly subscription of Sweepstakes Ninja sweepstakes software with this coupon code. Save even more when you apply it to the yearly subscription. Expires August 10 2012 - coupon code RFSEXCL090

disclosure: We have a commercial relationship with this vendor. We may recieve income from some actions associated with these links.

comment from Guest21811599 | 02-12-2012 06:56 | E : 0 | S : 0
This sweepstakes software is amazing. Check out the testimonials in the forum. I think Id rather it remain my little secret.

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